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Specialty Pinstamp® Dot Peen Marking Systems

Telesis' versatile Pinstamp® marking systems are extremely flexible and can be used in a wide array of applications ranging from benchtop to high-speed, automated on-line marking.

TMM5100/470 Dot Peen marking machine

Mark up to six characters/second with the TMM5100/470 Multiple Pin Marking System. Its lightweight, compact design and minimal footprint are ideal for hand-held, stand-alone or completely integrated, factory automated operations.

Pinstamp TMM5100

 W/470 Product Brochure (PDF)
 W/470 Technical Data Sheet
 Product Video

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TMM5400/470 Dot Peen marking machine

Equipped with eight marking pins, the TMM5400/470 is the fastest dot peen marker available. Its speed and its compact envelope make it the perfect solution for many on-line, high-speed marking applications.

TMM5400/470 Dot peen marking system

 Product Brochure (PDF)
 Technical Data Sheet

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TMP7000/470/600 Dot Peen marking machine

The TMP7000/470/600 is a robust single pin marker targeted at applications requiring extremely deep penetration marking. Its 4” x 6” (100 mm x 150 mm) marking window is ample for a wide range of applicaitons and its TMC470 controller allows it to be easily integrated into most automated applications.

TMP7000/470/600 Dot Peen marking systems

 Product Brochure (PDF)
 W/470 Technical Data Sheet
 W/600 Technical Data Sheet

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TMM7200/470 Dot Peen marking machine

The TMM7200/470 is an extremely heavy duty multiple pin marking system confi gured on a “per project” basis to provide optimum solutions for individual applications. The TMM7200 is the right choice for the deep penetration marking required for large character sizes, or when marking especially rough surfaces.

TMM7200 Dot Peen marking system

 Product Brochure (PDF)
 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Get more information on the Pinstamp® TMM7200/470 dot peen marking system