February News 2017

Where did Telesis go this month?

Since 1997 the EU has implemented a system of permanent identification of individual bovine animals enabling reliable traceability from birth to death. The conventional ear tag is an essential part of this process. The animals require double ear tags with an individual number.

Thanks to the fiber laser technology used to mark the plastic tags, there is no smudging or chance of ink fading over time. The Telesis fiber laser FQ20DS burns the numbers and the barcodes into the plastic so we can get a clear and legible mark which will last the lifetime of the tags.

Our distributor Elmed has built a Class 1 laser workstation equipped with a rotating table which can accept 12 sets of ear tags. It takes 17 seconds to laser mark a set containing four tags.
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You Name it, We Mark it!

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Telesis F-Series Lasers

Telesis fiber lasers offer a unique combination of power, finesse and low maintenance. They are ideal for marking metals and many plastics.

The Telesis Vari-Z 3D marking function and integrated InLine vision are combined with our proven fiber technology in an ongoing effort to make integration easier.

Save time and money every day with Telesis laser solutions.

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New NOMAD 2000!

Telesis is pleased to introduce the new lighter version of the successful NOMAD 4000 - the NOMAD 2000 is a welcome addition to the Telesis family and the NOMAD series.
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Upcoming Events

07/10 - 03 INTEC
Leipzig, Germany - Stand B72

21/22 - 03 W&B
Siegen, Germany - Stand D-04
21/23 - 03 Southern Manufacturing
Farnborough, United Kingdom - Stand S13
21/24 - 03 Metal - Processing Ekaterinburg, Russia - Stand E71

22/24 - 03 MTMS
Brussels, Belgium - Stand B46
23/25 - 03 Aff'Tech
Reims, France - Stand D78
23/25 - 03 MECSPE
Parma, Italy - Stand 8H13

This is what we do!

Laser Marking Solutions

Stainless steel and plastic parts marked with the Telesis green laser EV4GDS.

- Two different materials, one laser
- Good contrast
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