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For 40 years, we have had a strong focus on providing the best marking solution to each of our customers, to meet their expectations and needs. Those expectations and needs have changed over time, and so have we. We keep our eye on the ball, working together with our partners to provide the best service, and the best solutions.

For those who use twitter, we are currently part of a campaign under the name #whatisdotpeen. You can follow the latest progress of the BenchMark® 460 on Twitter on the account @Telesistech. This hand-held marking system is the perfect solution for property marking - not just for bikes, but also for instance for gardening tools.

This month, Telesis went to Poland. Our very successful partner TakSi was given the opportunity to share a great video showing the Telesis TMP1700 integrated in their latest machine. The TMP1700 is The Telesis Dot Peen Flagship, and is the perfect solution for this application.

Please be aware that the festive season is here once again. We will soon launch some extra promotional activities. Keep your eyes and ears open so as not to miss these great opportunities!

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?


Working with TakSi is exciting! They designed and built a fully integrated machine with the Telesis best-selling TMP1700 for a significant exhaust manufacturer in Poland. The TMP1700 is positioned upside down and marks a part number and a production date on the part once the leak test procedure has been completed and successfully validated. 

TakSi engineers created a rotary fixture with one master motor and a second slave motor which allows easy loading of the 30 kg exhaust part, and unloading after the mark has been achieved.

The whole cycle from loading, through leak test, marking and unloading takes about 70 seconds. The production is estimated at 200 to 250 parts per day.

We invite you to watch the video below to see the complete operation and the TMP1700 in action. It makes us proud!

Please click on the picture above to watch the video

Property Marking!
#whatisdotpeen is the twitter reference initiated by the North Yorkshire Police who invested in multiple portable battery-powered Telesis Benchmark 460s. Connected to this twitter action is the attached video where a charming PCSO (police) is demonstrating the importance and usefulness of property marking. Ideal for bicycles, gardening tools, power tools, IT equipment, leisure equipment (golf clubs) etc - any property which is of value and at risk. This shows how Telesis can make (mark) the difference!

Please click on the picture below to watch the video

Demo Equipment Sale!

The Sales start already at Telesis!

To refit our showrooms with the latest technologies we are offering some demo marking systems at reduced prices.

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