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In the last few newsletters we have paid a lot of attention to the NOMAD 4000. The introduction of the NOMAD series has been an incredible success. We sold our first European NOMAD 4000 in Germany. Ex aequo (because of the time difference) with the Netherlands where we sold a marking unit to Richter, a steel company in the east of the country.

Telesis uses the slogan "You Name It, We Mark It", and this month we really live up to that. We went to the Czech Republic to mark gas masks. These masks are made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic. We were able to build the right solution for this customer and it makes me proud that we again managed in collaboration with Marksys to successfully solve these challenges.

I feel we are really on the right track. There is a positive buzz around the company and we do everything to convey this to everyone we work with.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?

The Czech Republic!

Draeger is a leading international company in the field of medical and safety technology. Since 1889, Draeger has been developing advanced technical devices and solutions trusted by users all over the world. Draeger asked us for a solution for marking gas masks. The material to be marked was partly stainless steel and partly plastic. Each plastic part had a different colour and different features. The  difficulty level lies in marking the two completely different surfaces with one laser marking system.

This was a serious challenge for our engineers and for the Telesis Distributor in the Czech Republic, Marksys, but we love a challenge at Telesis. We processed several trials before to find the perfect solution for Draeger. The only laser to fully meet all the customer requirements was the green Telesis EVG4DS Laser.

The Telesis EV4GDS is a fiber-coupled, diode-pumped, solid-state (DPSS) green wavelength laser marking system. The laser beam and Q-switched pulse characteristics are optimized for applications that require high beam quality and stability. In addition the EV4GDS offers extra power and speed precision marking and is the ideal choice for laser marking, scribing, trimming and other material processing applications. The robust mechanical and optical design of the Telesis EV4GDS enables operation in an industrial environment where shock, vibration and dust are a concern.

Thanks to the great collaboration between the Telesis and the Marksys Teams, we were able to satisfy the customer requirements. The solution was integrated in the production process of Draeger with a custom laser workstation combined with a rotary table and interchangeable positioning fixtures for the different type of parts.
Plastic and stainless steel parts marked with the EV4G Green Laser


The NOMAD 4000 In Action!

One of the biggest producers of stainless steel is "Buderus Edelstahl" from Wetzlar/Hessen in Germany, and they were the first to buy the NOMAD 4000 in Germany. Although very pleased with the portable version of the Telesis TMP3200 marking system, they had a requirement for a fully portable battery powered unit.  The big steel bars are sometimes stored as outdoor stock, where there is no access to air pressure or a power connection. The NOMAD 4000 makes their work processes easier. Thanks to the NOMAD 4000, Buderus Edelstahl operators are able to work in remote places. 

Contact us now for more information about the NOMAD 4000.

Telesis In China!

The Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show in 2015 is the right platform to present innovative products and advanced ideas in the field of automotive manufacturing technology. And Telesis was there. 

In the picture you can see the robot mounted FQD100 laser performing marking during the show. The innovative and patented FQD100 dual beam pulsed fiber laser system is suited to applications that require rapid and deep processing of a wide range of materials.

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