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Without technology and innovation, everything would grind to a halt. We always keep a close eye on technological advances and, where possible, make investments to drive forward with them. The latest addition to our Telesis family is the NOMAD 4000. This amazing fully portable hand-held marking system has a flying start in Europe.

Not just in technique or innovation, we also invest in our customers. We provide ideas, solutions and service. We want to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by building a long term relationship; a lasting relationship in good and less good (economic) times. 

We are very successful in the United Kingdom. This month's success story comes from Tata Steel, a very valued customer. They invested in the Telesis TMM7200 and integrated this heavy duty multiple pin marking system into their production line.

Sustainability, technology and innovation - you can't have one without the other. They are of vital importance to the company's future. A future we are working on with great passion.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?

United Kingdom!

Over the years, Telesis UK have successfully supplied marking systems to the majority of TATA sites throughout the UK. TATA Hartlepool are a new edition to the ever growing list. 

TATA Hartlepool manufacture and supply Steel Pipes and Sections to the Oil & Gas and Structural industries.

TATA have recently purchased 3 top of the range 'Heavy Duty Multiple Pin Marking Systems' the TMM7200/470 utilizes a 'custom designed' 14 pin cartridge (2 rows of 7 pins). The marking system has been designed to mark up to 4 rows of 28 characters, with a character height of 6mm, At full production, the marking system will mark 1 pipe per minute.

The first TMM7200/470 has now been professionally integrated into the existing TATA production line by a team TATA engineers. The marking system is fully automated and linked to the TATA 'Tandem' network for seamless data transfer. The marking solution is capable of marking Steel Pressure Pipe (API) ranging from 219mm to 508mm in diameter. The typical cycle time is approx. 9 seconds. All the information being marked meets the stringent API specification, this is a customer based marking requirement.

The second TMM7200/470 will be integrated to mark various structural hollow sections (square and rectangular). Once again, the system will be linked to the TATA 'Tandem' network. 

Once again, the TMM7200/470 is at the top of its class when SPEED and DEPTH  of mark is critical. 
Heavy Duty TELESIS TMM7200
Multi Pin Marking System

NOMAD 4000, Portability Redefined!

From the makers of "The Telesis Portable Series"

Telesis is proud to introduce the NOMAD 4000.This fully portable marking solution is now available and we invite you to step up for your onsite demonstration.

The NOMAD 4000 reflects the Telesis soul. This is the perfect combination between innovation and reliability. The NOMAD 4000 is a fully portable, rechargeable, battery-powered hand-held marking system. The NOMAD 4000 battery has been vigorously tested and has proven to offer sufficient life time to last through an 8 hour shift!

The NOMAD 4000 is the perfect choice for applications requiring both PORTABILITY and DURABILITY.

With the NOMAD 4000, You Name It, We Mark It:


Contact us now for more information about the NOMAD 4000.

Telesis On Tour!

Meet us at the Offshore Energy 2015 Exhibition & Conference. Please feel free to bring your samples and we will mark them onsite.


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